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Our Mission

is to free the voices and minds
of all children
and youth through
the journey of reading and writing because literacy

gives wings to dreams.

Where's Rodney?

Written by Carmen Bogan · Illustrated by Floyd Cooper




"Rodney! Where's Rodney?" Rodney's teacher has had enough because Rodney is never in his seat. He's at the window looking at the world outside because outside is where he really wants to be. But Rodney is about to visit a whole new world, one that takes him more outside than he's ever even dreamed! Where's Rodney? is illustrated by Floyd Cooper, Coretta Scott King Award winner

and NAACP Image Award nominee. Meet Floyd in our Café

Floyd Cooper

Floyd Cooper, Coretta Scott King Award Winner and NAACP Image Award Nominee

Rodney exploring
Where's Rodney? Book
Rodney thinking

This book neatly nestles itself among recent trends of growing engagement with African-American populations within our national parks, as well as offering a measured response to the ways black boys may struggle with school cultures that enforce seated obedience over genuine curiosity. Cooper’s signature style captures Rodney’s fidgetiness indoors and his growing excitement as the school bus rumbles out of town. In the park, a sequence of spectacular double-page sequences places Rodney within the park’s many wonders, and readers can see clearly how this immersion in nature allows the boy to be exactly himself. Combining the amazement offered by the natural world with an unconventional and poignant dose of social commentary, this story gives more to its readers that what meets the eye.

Kirkus Starred Review - Read more reviews in the Cafe'  

Granny, Who is God?


Ladybug is a six-year-old girl with a big question: Who is God? Granny talks to Him all the time, but Ladybug has never seen Him. Granny even gets answers back!


With Granny, Auntie Birdie, and Sistah Collins — the colorful Sistahs Circle— Ladybug always has a hallelujah good time. But on this special day, she wants answers. She is determined that this is the day she will actually meet Granny's mysterious, invisible best friend. This is the day Ladybug meets God.


Now in its second printing, available in the Dream On store. Watch for Up in God's House, the sequel to Granny, Who is God?, later this year. 

Granny, Who is God? Book
Carmen Bogan, multicultural children's book publisher

Meet the Author and Publisher, Carmen Bogan


Award-winning author, Carmen Bogan, introduces Dream On Publishing, a new independent press celebrating the wonder, light and multi-colors of childhood. 

Our goal is to promote literacy for children of color by producing high-quality literature that children can enjoy and that reflects their interests and lives. We believe that every child deserves to learn to read, to read about characters that look like them, to celebrate their legacies and to dream on and on.

Granny, Who is God?  was our grand launch. Since then Where's Rodney? was published in 2017 which has sparked a collaboration with the National Parks Conservancy Association. 

In 2016, the literary, arts and community at large lost a dear friend, Joyce Carol Thomas. An unassuming woman, ready to listen and easy to laugh, one would never know that she was a world-renowned, award-winning author, poet, playwright and teacher who loved children and championed the cause of their literacy for many years. Joyce set a high bar for those of us who continue to write, illustrate and advocate for adding multicultural children's books to the library shelves. A true storyteller, ironically the depth of her story can never be known or told. But if one reads closely the beautiful words she penned, you can glimpse the flecks of gold in her rich African American experience.

In Celebration of Joyce Carol Thomas


Joyce Carol Thoma

On behalf of her many friends and colleagues, I propose that we recommit to forging ahead in the important cause she championed her whole life, of telling the sometimes hidden or forgotten

stories that enhance and enrich the American tapestry. And in doing so, we will never forget her. In the work that we do and in the spirit with which we do it, we will celebrate our friend and mentor, Joyce Carol Thomas. Carmen Bogan


Read Joyce's biography in the Café

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