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Our Philosophy

Some people say the word dream"

is overused and illusory.

But dreams

are a gift from God.

You should begin dreaming

at the beginning of your first childhood, and continue

throughout your second.

Dream On.

Our Mission


is to free the voices and minds of all children and youth through the journey of reading and writing, because literacy opens doors to opportunity.  

Literacy gives wings to dreams.

 Our Work

Dream on Publishing was a dream ten years in the making. We are an independent multicultural book publisher established in 2013. Our goal is to promote literacy for children of color by producing high-quality children's literature that reflects their interests, their history and their lives. Through blog posts and other sharing of information, we seek to provide relevant information to parents, educators and caring community members who work work tirelessly to equip our children and support their learning. We believe that every child deserves to be a reader, to have the opportunity to learn about the world of which they are an important part, to read about characters that look like them, to celebrate their cultures, and to lift up their legacies.


To us, multicultural characters are not just the heroes of children of color. They are for all children because they reflect our diverse society and allow us all to see the world more realistically – through a colorful lens. And while we are dedicated to publishing and promoting books that represent children of color, our mission is to respect and free the voices and minds of all children and youth through the journey of reading and writing because literacy gives wings to dreams. And dreams are just the beginning.


Publisher, Carmen Bogan, has written professionally for of her adult life. Carmen is the author of Granny Who is God?, Where's Rodney?  to be published in 2017 and the upcoming sequel to Granny Who is God?, Up in God's House. The recipient of the New Voices literary award from Lee & Low Books, Carmen holds BA degrees in journalism and English from Stanford University and an MBA from the UCLA Anderson School of Management.


Carmen is a frequent trainer and lecturer to women's groups, nonprofit professionals, and faith-based organization leaders. She lives in Oakland, California, with her husband, Willie. 

Carmen has two adult daughters, Dr. Erin Danielle Bogan and Natalie Quinn Bogan.

Literacy opens doors

to ideas, possibilities

and opportunities.

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